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There are few public open spaces in the city of Phnom Penh. Propose future public park locations. How would you determine these locations? Elevation? Demographics? Current use?

1-Phnom Penh Park Prosal (Nou Muniroth)

Greenspace Development in Phnom Penh

Jet Odrerir

Phnom Penh is a growing city that has a great diversity of neighborhoods. While there is a need for larger parks that have specialized facilities such as large fields for track and field, soccer and rugby, swimming pools and tennis courts, most neighborhoods would be well served by a simple park. As areas have been developed; the riverside, Russian Boulevard and the old canal esplanade for instance, there has been a huge upswing in activity in those places.

I would propose that the city attempt to find lots in every neighborhood that might function well as a park. It may be a bit of a complicated process at this juncture but governments seem to have a knack for making things happen if they really want them to. If proper compensation were given and these monies tied to the neighborhoods that most benefit from the park in the form of property taxes this wouldn’t have to be such a pipe dream.

With a few selected large specialized parks combined with small community parks and greater attention to greening the roadsides and not just tiling them over I believe the citizens of Phnom Penh would be well served.


3. Park Proposal (Phok Chandara)


4. Kim Na Lae


5- Niem Sompong


6-visal (

The green areas on the map are the park that I hope to see in 10-15 years. These are made to be long and narrow for I believe it allow for people to enjoy a better the open space in a longer distance and allow more resident to have access to the park as oppose to the more round or square area. The long and narrow park also allow for people to jog/ exercise on a longer distance and while the jogging they will get to experience the city coming to life at the dawn of the day.


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