Disappearing Urbanisms

Document via your choice of media (photography, video, sketching) 1 (or more) urban condition (activity, space, action) that you think will disappear (or begin to disappear) from Phnom Penh in the next 10 years. Write a brief description of why you chose this moment and weigh the pros/cons of its disappearance.

1-Chroy Chongva Circle: A monument that have to move

The reason i choose the location as a site that could dissappear in the next 10 years time or less because there are plan to build a new bridge to finish in 2014 which will run parallel the current bridge. In my opioion when the bridge is done in order to create a better circulation the circle have to be demolish. The Knotted Gun have to be move to a different location somewhere that is not too far because the its a symbol of the area and been here for a very long time.

Current Condition:

By removing one of the biggest circulation circle in Phnom Penh it will help to improve the traffic for an additional new bridge and allow to the Knotted Gun to be move to a proper location. But at the same time the  change to the circulation might be difficult to adapt at first as the area is one of the most crowded intersection in phnom penh. To an extend it could even back-fire the circulation flow that hope to improve upon it disappearance.


Phnom Penh Elements at Risk of Being Lost

Jet Odrerir


3-Phnom Penh Electricity (Nou Muniroth)

According to the current electricity wire condition in Phnom Penh, I predicted that there will be a changing. By giving disadvantages to the look of the city and harm to the citizens, a new electrical installation will be introduce to the city.


4-Cyclo ( Phnom Penh Iconic Vehicle) by Phok Chandra



I choose this moment because Cyclo is the iconic vehicle of Phnom Penh city, but nowadays the number of Cyclo is decreasing rapidly and will disappear soon.  So i show this media to convince all cambodian to conserve the Cyclo for the future generation.

The pros/cons of its disappearance

Pros: Reduce of traffic jam because Cyclo is too slow, that make the other vehicles can’t move properly.

Cons: Lost the iconic vehicle of Phnom Penh, lost a type of job, lost of environmental friendly and cheap vehicle, and the future generation won’t see and know about this cheap transportation anymore.


5. Kim Na Lae


6- Niem Sompong


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