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Document via your choice of media (photography, video, sketching) 1 (or more) urban condition (activity, space, action) that you think is unique to Phnom Penh and might otherwise be overlooked by traditional aerial view mapping. Write a brief description of why you chose this moment.

1-Pagoda the cultural place that over look by the Phnom Penh-er :

Pagoda in Phnom Penh used to be a place where everyone went during khmer new year. Those years were the years where travel out the city was more difficult than it is today. Today pagoda are just place for worshipping unless a couple of years ago where pagoda are the croweded place during Khmer new year.

Wat PreasPutkouSacha (north of Wat Phnom):

I decide to choose this pagoda located on street 47 north of  Wat Phnom because as the khmer new year approching in the   next week they already start preparing for the follower that going to pass by as they left the city. Pagoda from aerial view are just a place but look down at a different time of the year its become the place for cultural event and tradition that   something to share to tourism and local alike.


2-Toul Tom Pong Area (Nou Muniroth)


3. Munireth Blvd In Night Time That Map Won’t Show You – by Phok Chandara

According to the map, in day time Munireth Blvd’s just a normal main road but when people go to the site at night time, this site become a night market along the street for distribute the vegetable all over country. ( See the video link below)


Google Satellite Map

Google Map

Video of Munireth Blvd in day time

 Video of Munireth Blvd in night time


4. Kim Na Lae


5. Not mappable (Niem Sompong)



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