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Design an Urban Public Serve Announcement for Phnom Penh. What do you want to educate the public about? How can you effectively and positively educate the public about urban and architectural issues? Think about the TED Talk we watched for Curitiba with Jaime Lerner.  Some possibilities: _TV Spot  _Radio Ad  _Newspaper Ad  _Photos _Pamphlets _Billboard _Song

1-Comic Sims (Be Clean, Get dirty) (



2. Jet Odrerir

Road Courtesy


3. Phok Chandara

The poster is designed to remind people not to litter at public spaces, roads or water. Just put the litters in the litter bin to keep Phnom Penh beautiful.


4- PSA Poster (Nou Muniroth)

Environment is the most important thing for urban planning. Therefore, by starting to concern about the planting the tree in the design for the master plan is really help the environment of the city.


5. Kim Na Lae


6- Niem Sompong


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